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Valtrex package Using Valtrex For Herpes

Valtrex (Valacyclovir HCl) is the newest drug on the market that is used to treat herpes. The herpes virus presents itself in several different ways. Probably the most common form of herpes is the common cold sore or fever blister. Chicken pox is another form of herpes, as is shingles. Sometimes the virus is present in the eye which causes extreme redness, swelling, and matting. The one type of the herpes virus everybody is afraid of is genital herpes.


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Brand and Generic ValtrexThere is no known cure for any type of herpes but all types manifest in different ways. Once you have had chicken pox you will be immune to them for the rest of your life. Cold sores can recur and usually appear after the person is sick and their immune system has been weakened. It is the same with a herpes eye infection. Many doctors believe these can appear as a result of extreme stress. Genital herpes not only recurs, it can be passed on to sexual partners. Anyone who has been diagnosed with genital herpes will need to practice safe sex for the rest of their life.

Valtrex is currently being prescribed to people who have a normal or healthy immune system. It is believed that Valtrex reduces the chance of reoccurrence. Valtrex is an anti-viral drug that is believed to suppress the herpes virus and reduce the number of incidences. Valtrex is also believed to reduce the amount of time for an outbreak if taken soon enough. It is not known if Valtrex prevents the spread of the herpes virus.

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Herpes : Some Facts You Should Know About HSV 1-2

Herpes is a common virus that affects 1 in 4 adults. Often people don't even know they have the virus because it doesn't cause any symptoms. They may not have an outbreak until years after they get infected. There are two types of herpes viruses and they are called HSV 1 and HSV 2.

Under a microscope, HSV 1 and HSV 2 look essentially the same. HSV 1 is usually responsible for oral herpes and can cause sores around the mouth and on the face. HSV 2 generally causes sores on the genitals. HSV - Herpes Simplex Virus

More Herpes Information

Watch For Adverse Reactions

Some of the most common adverse reactions to the drug are headache, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. Not all people will experience side effects. A very small number of patients may experience vertigo, abdominal pain, dizziness, and weakness. Anybody who experiences any of these reactions should immediately contact their doctor. If your immune system has been compromised you should discuss this with your doctor. He may need to adjust the dosage or prescribe another drug altogether. Valtrex can cause kidney failure in people who have suppressed immune systems.

This drug has not shown any tendency to be harmful to an unborn infant. If you are pregnant you need to inform your doctor before you take it. There is currently no information regarding breast milk and if this drug affects a nursing baby.

How To Take Valtrex - Genital Herpes Medication

Your doctor will explain to you how to take the drug based on the reason it is prescribed. It should be started as soon as any symptoms appear and each dose should be taken with a full glass of water. It can be taken with or without food but taking it with food might decrease the chances of an upset stomach. If you forget to take your dose you can take it as soon as you think about it. Do not take a double dose to get back of track. You should not stop taking this drug just because you begin to feel better. You will experience an improvement in symptoms long before the infection has actually been removed from the body.

It is important to remember that Valtrex is not a cure since herpes has no known cure to date. It can greatly decrease the length of time you experience an outbreak and may possibly reduce the number of outbreaks experienced in a year's time. It is a very expensive drug if you do not have prescription coverage. The average cost per month can be greater than $200. If you are taking this medication and your outbreak gets worse you should contact your doctor as soon as possible. If taken as prescribed it appears to be a fairly safe drug with a small number of side effects. If you suffer from the herpes virus you should discuss Valtrex with your doctor.

NOTES: Brand Valtrex is most effective if it is started within 48 hours of when the rash first appears.

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